Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 20, 2009 Rapid city, SD

Today was a lay back day - we stayed in and/or around the Montana. It sure feels good to have the time so that we do not have to run, run, run all day just to be able to see what we wish to see. Retirement has a lot of perks and we are really enjoying them now. Since we saw the buffalo babies last night, we hopefully will return to Custer State Park tomorrow morning and see them again. One of the great pluses of driving anywhere around the Black Hills is that there is ALWAYS something different behind almost every tree or around the next curve or corner. In the most unlikely of places, we will come around a hairpin curve and there will be a gigantic Bison or a couple of wild burros. We will be driving through a forest on The Needles Highway and just behind the trees alongside the road will be more trees, a deep gorge or a huge rock formation. It is so difficult trying to explain how the images change so rapidly. The entire scenario is far beyond mere words. The camera thanked us for giving it a rest today so maybe tomorrow we will be "back in the saddle again!"


Ron and Thelma said...

Jim When we were there a couple of years ago we went in the evening. The buffalo were grazing all over the park. I got some great pictures. Yes it is nice not to have to rush around.

Jim and Carol said...

We've gone in the morning, afternoon and evening and love it all. Saw Bison babies up close and personal this afternoon.