Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009 Casper to Sundance, WY

We could not have had a better day to travel. The sun shone brightly, the temperatures were around 70 degrees and the wind was light. (for a change) Our neighbor in Casper told us that we were lucky to be leaving today because they were forecasting 50 MPH winds for tomorrow. The first photo captures this portion of the day - The Past (Casper Mountain), The Present ( the mirror) and The Future - (The High Plaines). We saw approximately 47,000,000 antelopes, give or take a few. There even were some massive Bison. Off in the distance, approximately north from Edgerton, WY, was a mountain range with the entire peaks covered in snow looking like whipped cream or meringue. There were bluffs of all sizes and shapes spread throughout the plaines. At least one looked like a volcano. We stopped for lunch along I-90, east of Gillette, WY. We got on the Interstate at Gillette and between there and Sundance found no rest areas. They did have "Parking Areas" alongside the road. They were just a widening of the shoulder with no facilities but gave beautiful views of the roadside scenery. We are taking a tip from our MOC friends, Steve and Vicki and using these roadside areas, either on a country road or an Interstate and turning them into our lunch café. Our own sandwiches are much better anyway. When we stopped this time, we looked to the north and saw the Devil's Tower off in the distance. What a great discovery! We will go there tomorrow and see it up close and personal. Our campground is called Mountain View and it is in Sundance, WY. We are under a large bluff and a range of bluffs can be seen out of our rear picture window. We are in for the evening and will become tourists again tomorrow.

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