Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 26, 2009 Carol's Birthday and Custer State Park

Today is Carol's Birthday so, when asked where she wished to go for the occasion, she said "Custer State Park!" The day started out cloudy but slowly brightened up. We first went to a Black Hills Gold Factory. Black Hills Gold is named for the style and must be made in the Black Hills to carry the name. Its design is grape leaves and vines and is tri-colored - beautiful! She now has a Black Hills Gold watch. First up in the park, we saw some bull Bison butting heads and romping and stomping around the range. Then we came to the wild Burros. This time we brought some baby carrots for them. They were using their best manners and even said "Thank you" when we were leaving. We saw our first baby Burro this time. He/she was very shy and stayed away from us. We saw another hugerific Bison. I asked him what he liked to eat and he said "I eat what I want, when I want to and anywhere I wish, why?" That was our cue to leave! The day ended up nice with the sun shining and light clouds in the heavens. We also drove under Carol's favorite bridge. It is a combination of wood and steel.The wood is bent and it looks really cool!


Ron and Thelma said...

Happy Birthday to Carol. Have Many more Ron and Thelma

Jim and Carol said...

Thank you so much, folks. It is really appreciated!