Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 19, 2009 Needles Highway

We saw so much awesome, raw beauty along the Needles Highway, near Custer State Park in the late afternoon that we have to return during the day to see more. It seemed like behind every tree was a new, titanic rock formation/sight. This is probably the LEAST boring stretch of roadway that we have ever been on. It is difficult, in a forum like this, to properly label the photographs. I will try to keep the comments in the same order as the photos. 1 - could this be God's Castle? 2 - "Will it drop further?" 3 - I wouldn't camp below this one! 4 - Does this look like fingers and a hand or what? 5 - Here we have the raw beauty of the rocks combined with the soft beauty of the sky.What a combo! 6 - We found the Eye of the Needle! (EDIT: I now see that I omitted the two descriptions of the people. Here are Carol and me showing off on and under the rocks. What do you expect - we are amateurs at this after all!) 7 - This tunnel is 8'2" wide. This shot is "Here we go!" 8 - "Slow Down!" 9 - "Did you bring the mirrors in?" 10 - Thank you, God, for all of this! 11 - Simply awesome! 12 - Do you see the baby Bisons? They were running and knocking each other down. Quite a show! I see that the first two should be the last two - what would any trip out here be without seeing our friends the Pronghorns (Antelopes) and it was getting dark and a storm was on the horizon. Time to go home and refuel ourselves for tomorrow!

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