Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 7, 2009 Scotts Bluff and Chimney Rock, NE

Today was another where we were allowed to see some of God's handiwork. What an artist! Had to take the shot out the back window of the Monty this morning to show what we saw when we first got up and looked outside. When I went outside to fuss around the rig, my new friend, Alvin, came onto my shoe and told me to have a great day! Mitchell Pass, through the bluffs, is where the settlers and gold rushers passed through in the 1880s. Many died here because of cholera and other diseases. Just outside Scotts Bluff National Park was a competetion featuring cattle dogs. We saw cowboys on horseback bring cattle into an area and then watched as dogs worked them and drove them where they were directed. Next, if you look in the background and in the center, you will see Chimney Rock, about 18 miles away from the top of Scotts Bluff. The wind was blowing with gusts of over 40 mph and kicking up sand and dust and this explains the "foggy" appearence to the photo. Next is Chimney Rock and long horned steers as we approached. Did you ever see a better photograph of Chimney Rock than this one that Carol took? I think it is great! Chimney Rock Cemetery is where entire families were buried during their ordeals through this pass. They had traveled 1,400 miles already over flat land in the heat and sun and then came to these bluffs. Just past the bluffs are short high plaines and the imposing Rockies. They fought the weather, terrain and sometimes the indians and a heavy toll was taken. Those were hardy people who had a dream and were not to be denied.

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