Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 17, 2009 Fort Meade, SD

Today we went to Fort Meade, SD. Custer was stationed there at one time near the beginning of its existance as he was when he traveled to Montana and Little Big Horn. Carol's dad was stationed there in about 1944 near the end of its existance as a military fort. It now has a hospital and military museum and the South Dakota National Guard work out of here. It is also a National Guard Officer Canidate's School. We hope we took enough photos so that he can be reminded of where he was 65 years ago. Across the road is a huge hill, Bear Butte, that he has talked about looking at when he was there. This is the butte that was mentioned in yesterday's blog that we saw from the top of a mountain in Spearfish Canyon. Tomorrow morning we are planning on seeing what Mt. Rushmore looks like in the morning sun.

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