Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 2, 2009 Greenwood, NE Lay Back Day

Today was a slow day, for a change. Low 60s, sun and no wind. I went to Sam's and Walmart this morning and returned and puttered around the Montana. Carol did several loads of wash. (sure is nice with the washer/dryer combo we had installed a couple of years ago. Beats the bejeebers out of the Laundromat) This evening, after dinner, we drove through the state park just down the road and saw a turkey and nine deer. This was a great day. Tomorrow we are probably going to move to Henderson, NE. This will probably only be for a night and then further west. The trip is only an hour and a half so should be a piece of cake. Don't know if there is anything around Henderson but Carol and I usually find something interesting so that is our challenge for tomorrow - find the hidden jewel of interest.

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