Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28, 2009 The Badlands at evening

We arrived in Wall, SD in mid-afternoon and did not arrive into The Badlands until early evening. We thought that we could just take a quick peek and see what we would get to tomorrow. Late afternoon and sunset in The Badlands is beautiful. Soon after we entered The Badlands we saw that we were being watched by a Mountain Goat or sheep, not sure at this time which. This area is very strange. One drives along looking at grassy plains and all of a sudden the bottom seems to drop out of the ground in multiple locations and huge rocky, colorful buttes rise. There are very few trees and a lot of grassy plains. We saw huge herds of Bison in the valleys grazing and drinking from the streams. Some of the areas look like I would imagine a moonscape to look like. We came across some Mule Deer serenely chowing on grassland salad. The setting sun looked eerily like a sight from another planet - tan buttes painted rose by the sun with deep shadows in the deep crags. Fabulous! Sunsets in The Badlands are like nowhere else - simply gorgeous! As we left The Badlands, we saw the sun finally setting over a pond with the grassy plains in the background and the beautiful clouds painted shades of mauve and blue. Tomorrow we hope to see the area in direct sunlight. That should be amazing!

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