Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 9, 2009 Casper, WY Antelopes

Early this morning, the sun was shining on Mt. Casper showing the snow that is still remaining. Sure looks nice. These lucky Casperites get to see this every day! The morning was crisp and sunny, great day to go to the gun range. I went to the range with my son, Jim. He has a great collection of antique rifles and we fired a few. He let me fire an M-1, the first time I have held one in 47 years since getting out of the Army. Not bad shooting, considering the circumstances. He said that we would see antelope on the range and I was not disappointed. Saw over a dozen in the few hours we were there. Got pretty close to one for a few but then he decided to go join his friends. As we were leaving the range, we saw this beautiful sight across the Platte River up to the Casper Mountain, still holding onto the last of the winter's snow. The sky would sometimes fall and put clouds and mist between us and the mountain. Later in the day, Carol, Jim and I went shopping at Sam's Club and Wally World, had dinner and some more conversation. In total, this was a great day.

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