Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 12, 2009 Devil's Tower, WY

Devil's Tower is awesome and humbling! We still are coming across snow on the ground when we drive through the countryside. Devil's Tower can be seen for afar for miles. Photo 2 shows Devil's Tower along with accompanying bluffs. An entire field of prairie dogs were begging to be fed. They are full of tricks and used many of them in order to get food from the visitors. Did we ever find a great restaurant! If you ever get to Aladdin, WY, population 50, come to Cindy B's Restaurant. It is part of a 115 year old General Store and motel/cabins. Don't be alarmed by the frontage, just go in. This may have been the best food we have ever had in a restaurant. It lives up to its boast of "Home Cookin'!" Out of the way and much recommended by locals. The General Store even has a sign at the front door telling cowboys to clean the s*** from their boots before entering. This is real. I can't make this stuff up! As you can see from the last shot, we are camped at the foot of the crest of Sundance Mountain at the Mountain View RV Park. Great view and owners and, since it is a Passport America park, we can use it for half price. Just far enough off I-90 to not be bothered by road noise. (with this wind, we probably couldn't hear the road noise anyway)

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