Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 23, 2009 Rapid City, SD

Today was cool, misty, rainy and I am getting a cold. Carol's knee is getting much better. This may be due to the great amount of use and exercise that she had done during this trip. For whatever reason it is getting better, Thank You, God! We stayed in all day today, going out only to eat in town and go to Walmart. We did see two Mule Deer bucks - nice racks and HUGE ears! The TV weather liars are talking about the rest of the holiday weekend being wet and cool, with the sun returning Tuesday with some dry and warmth. We have seen all that we wished to see in this area and then some so we will probably return to Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse at least once before we leave on Thursday. The Mt. Rushmore webcam can be found at Every night at Crazy Horse, weather permitting, they put on a laser light show on the sculpture. We have heard that this show is displayed on their webcam that can be found on their web site at . Remember that Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore are in Mountain Daylight Time, two hours behind Eastern Daylight Time. Gonna shower and crash so that I can feel better tomorrow. (gotta keep up with my playful, scampering wife!)

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