Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 24, 2009 Rapid City, SD

We have had couple of inches of rain this afternoon and more rain and thunderboomers on the way. There is a flash flood warning for the county but we are on high ground. The rain and storms are scheduled through tomorrow and then sunny and warmer starting Tuesday. Not good for the holiday vacationers but fine for us. We have seen all that we wanted to see and now can use this time to lay back, listen to the rain on the roof, read and just enjoy being alive! We leave Thursday for Wall, SD. This is in the area of The Badlands and Wounded Knee. Also the home of Wall Drugs. The owners' family bought this drug store in 1931 and came up with a way to bring travelers into their store who were on their way to the Black Hill. The roadways were blanketed with signs advertising "Free Ice Water, Wall Drugs." These signs must have been like the old Burma Shave signs that were all along the old highways. (yes, there were highways before interstates!) Wall Drugs still exists in all its splendor and still advertises "Free Ice Water!" We will report on this when we arrive and taste test it.

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