Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13, 2009 Sundance, WY EDITED

The wind is howling and the snow and sleet is blowing sideways. We were going to Spearfish and Deadwood, SD today but the high wind warnings are keeping us in for a while. US Weather Service calling for 55-60 MPH gusts and we were considering bringing in our slideouts to protect the awnings that cover them. It has slowed down but we are staying put but this is all subject to change. The nice thing about our "condo on wheels" is that we can just "stay home" when the weather is lousy. We needed to catch up on our bills anyway. We are in the process of making our payments on-line so that we can pay easily, especially while traveling. It is 1:00PM here now and the high wind warnings are until 6:00PM. Tomorrow is a travel day to Rapid City, in the shadows of Mt. Rushmore. The winds are supposed to be slower and it will be warmer and sunny, if the forecasters can be believed.
It is 6:45PM MST and the sun is out, temps in the mid-40s and the wind is down to a dull roar. We can see the beautiful mountains out our picture window again without them being obscured by the sideways blowing snow. It actually started to accumulate in spots on the ground for a while but is all melted away now. We put the slides back out and the "rock and roll" is over. We stayed in today and did inside duties - paid bills, naps, etc. TV said the winds gusted to 60 MPH and our thermometer said mid-30s. During the storm, our neighbor's air conditioner cover was blown off and into the side of our rig - waking us up instantly. We suffered no damage that I could find but he needs repairs, now. The weather wizards are talking sunny and 70s starting this weekend and we leave for Rapid City tomorrow. We will be there for at least two weeks.

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