Friday, May 22, 2009

May 22, 2009 Crazy Horse Monument and Baby Bison (again!)

The last of the great monuments in this area of The Black Hills for us to see was the Crazy Horse Monument. Today was the day. On the way, there was storm in the air. Clouds were darkening, mist was showing in the mountaintops and there was the fragrance of rain. When we first arrived at Crazy Horse, the sun sometimes tried, although unsuccessfully, to break through the clouds. The Crazy Horse Monument is huge! We photographed it with the storm clouds thickening. The project will probably take generations to finish. It is a tribute depicting Crazy Horse but celebrating all American Indian tribes. If one looks closely around the right eye, dark "smears" can be seen. These areas are different minerals that are embedded in the rock. They were not added to the picture or sculpture. I do not believe in coincidences so there must be a reason for their existence in this massive structure. Another sculpture by the original artist for Crazy Horse is also featured on the grounds. It is of two horses fighting. Impressive with the muscles and tendons showing plainly. One can almost hear and feel the passion and exertion in this battle. There is a white model of the unfinished Crazy Horse Monument. It is 1/34 of the mountain sculpture. A drawing shows how the entire sculpture will be done and how it will appear when finished. A small model of the finished structure is at a window of the restaurant overlooking the sculpture. By shooting the sculpture placing it in the background with the model in the foreground, one can see what is now and what will someday be. What brilliance and imagination this man had! As we were leaving the monument, the skies opened up. Soon, 1/2 inch hail joined the wind and rains making it uncomfortable to drive. The thought of stopping to wait out the storm crossed our minds. The hail looked like snow on the highway and along side on the ground. There was so much. We are addicted to the Bison babies so we returned to Iron Mountain Road and then onto the Custer State Park Wildlife Loop. While on the road, there are so many switchbacks, curley cues, loop-de-loops and curves that it could not be adequately described so I took a photo of the dashboard GPS to show one section of the road. These curves are also climbing and falling and all at 4500 to 5500 feet in altitude! I get dizzy just looking at this picture and remembering the thrilling ride! The babies were once again playing and in one instance, rubbing noses as either a sign of affection or trying to discover what the brother/sister had for lunch. Near a campground in the state park were both Bison and deer. At one time the Bison was seeming to say to the nearby deer, "Can't we just get along?" Of course we also had to take another peek at Mt. Rushmore from inside of a tunnel on Iron Mountain Road - it still gives us both a real thrill!

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