Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 6, 2009 North Platte to Scotts Bluff, NE

This was another day of traveling through ever changing scenery. We drove less than 200 miles and saw so many variations of scenery. I-80 travels in an ever rising, flat valley. #1 shows the hills on the side of the valley and, of course, cattle. We saw many gnarled trees, both alive and dead and whitened as in #2. Of course, it would not be Nebraska without miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles, as in #3. We saw lots of grain silos and, of course, trains. #4 has both. Look, in #5 are twin bluffs. We are starting to see these bluffs now. #6 lets us know that there are still endless visual vistas and the beautiful sky has it all to cover. There's Chimney Rock, in #7. We will visit there tomorrow. It is a National Monument that looks worth seeing up close and personal. 8 and 9 have more bluffs.They are becoming more frequent. We love it when we can see God's handiwork as the Greatest Artist. In Gering, NE we see Scotts Bluff over a subdivision in #10. Who wouldn't like that view out your windows? Today is our daughter, Richelle's, and our friend who is like a son, Dave's, birthday so #11 is your birthday cake bluff. Carol says this cake is all natural. We were advised of a great restaurant in Gering and went to Sherryl's Log Cabin, 1205 M Street, Gering. We were not disappointed.The food tastes like home cookin'. Outside on a wall they have a steer skull, up near the peak of the roof. A bird has taken out residence here and built a nest. In #12, it looks like the bird is either guarding the nest or else looking for a mate to share the nest with. 13 shows Scotts Bluff from our campground, near the North Platte River. This campground is Riverside Zoo and RV Park. It is a city park next to a small city zoo. I am glad that I am not here alone because, if Carol had not been here, no one would have believed what I heard. In Henderson and North Platte, NE, we were camped along I-80 and heard the road noise. As I was setting up Monty in this campground, I heard an elephant roar (or whatever it is called that they do). "Carol, did you hear that, too?" I saw from here smile that she had. Whew! The last pic shows Monty with Scotts Bluff in the background. Tomorrow we will tour the entire area with these fantastic bluffs. Now, stuffed with "home cookin'" and tired from the day's drive, it is about time to crash. Carol is watching Lost on TV and I can barely keep my eyes open. Still getting used to the time changes. We changed time zones again today, from Central to Mountain time, another hour back. We did not know what, if anything, we would find in Nebraska before we arrived but thanks not only to what is here but also to what our MOC friend Jan has directed us to, we will definitely have to return to see more of what we are missing this trip. Jeannette, we have tried numbering these photos like you suggested so we will see how it works out. It seems a little cumbersome now at the beginning but, if it makes for easier reading, it will be continued. Thanks for the suggestion! (note: the bird nest was omitted in the original and so I just added it)

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