Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 31, 2009 Murdo to Mitchell, SD and Storm

The day started out warm and became hot and sunny. Why not go to Mitchell, then, huh? On the way we crossed the Missouri River again. Remember our ventures a few weeks ago learning about Lewis and Clark? They also traveled through here. It is still mind blowing to learn that these people were traveling against the current of this mighty river, pulling their huge barges with ropes while wading in the river edge and walking along the river bank, when they could. When we pulled into Rondee's RV Park in Mitchell, we set up and, naturally, took a nap. A quick spin into downtown gave us the opportunity to see The Corn Palace. The pictures you see on the walls are all ears of corn and the rest are native wheats and straws from the area. These are changed every year, freshening the appearance and giving the birds some fresh feed. We will visit it up close and personal this week and let you know what we find. As we were returning to the campground, we noticed the northern sky was darkening. Soon a Severe Thunderstorm Warning was sounded and the storm was just north of us. The wind had been blowing steady with gusts of over 35 MPH and then died down considerably for this storm. We could see the rain and hail in the sky falling about five miles north of us. It is raining now but there is a sunny sky to the west - relief is on the way. We will spend the next couple of days doing some preventative maintenance on the Monty and then on to Sioux Falls and environs.


Ron and Thelma said...

Jim When we were in Mitchell a couple of years ago there was a place where a guy had a whole bunch of model cars. I mean a whole bunch. Don't know if it is still in buisiness or not. Found a brochure at the campground. Have fun Ron

Jim and Carol said...

Hi Ron - There is a model car museam and it is still here. We did not go but saw it. We leave tomorrow for Pipestone, MN.